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Tourist Attractions

The Spice


Borneo: Island in the Clouds – PBS Living Edens series
Wikipedia: Ensiklopedia bebas
 in Indonesian Language)
Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia
 (in English Language)
Petroglyphs in Borneo
  (in French / English Language)

Ujung Kulon

Balai Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon
UNESCO World Heritage Site: Ujung Kulon National Park

Komodo Dragon, Komodo

The Komodo Island : Diving & Visit The Dragon
Komodo National Park

The Biogeography of the Komodo Dragon: San Francisco State Univeristy

Kelimutu Lake, Flores

Taman Nasional Kelimutu
Keli Mutu Volcanic Lakes: UC Davis

Asmat Culture, Papua

Life in the Arts: The Art of the Asmat 
Sungai dan Kehidupan Suku Asmat

Tana Toraja, Sulawesi

Tana Toraja: A Social History of an Indonesian People (book)

Lake Toba, North Sumatra

Volcano: Images of Volcanoes in the south East Asian Region: Lake Toba
Wikipedia: Lake Toba

Lake Toba Urban Legend

Mount Bromo, East Java

Wikipedia: Mount Bromo
Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

Gede Pangrango, West Java

Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park

Krakatoa Volcano

Orangutan Wildlife

Mahakam River Cruise


Grand Flora Hotel, Jakarta
Hotel Padma
, Bali
Hyatt Regency
, Yogyakarta
Jimbaran Puri, Bali



Batavia Air



Garuda Citilink

Lion Air

Mandala Airlines


Pelita Air

Silk Air

Sriwijaya Air
Tiger Airways


Wings Air

Indonesian Arts, Culture and History

American Gamelan Institute
An Orientation to the Culture and traditions of Java

Asia Society’s Ask Asia

Asia Society’s Asia Source

Folklore and Fables of the Archipelago
 – gamelan
 – good links on arts, batik, wayang, gamelan, keris etc. 
 – Indonesian textile arts 
Indonesian Arts, Crafts and Antiques

Indonesian Children’s Folktales
Indonesian Music

Indonesian Myths
Indonesian National Anthem
 – sound clip and English translation 
Indonesian Temples
 (In French) 
Indonesian Traditional Folk Songs
Jawa Palace
– Interesting places on Javanese places (in Bahasa Indonesia)
Keris Indonesia

Koleksi Keris

Spice Islands
 -interesting articles about history and culture throughout the archipelago
Tamara and the Shadow Theatre of Java
– Tamara gives wayang kulit performances around the world. 
VOC Links
– interseting historical information about the Dutch East Indies Company…the VOC

Tourist Attractions Accommodations Transportation Indonesian Arts, Culture and History

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