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Lake Toba & North Sumatra

North Sumatra is a land of volcanos, high plateaus, waterfalls, lakes, and plantations. The centre piece is Lake Toba, the gigantic crater lake (1,707 square km) and one of the deepest (450 m) crater lakes in the world, is locaced in the province. These upland plateaus of the Bukit Barisan Range are homeland to the Batak people, divided into six tribes.

Today the island is surrounded on all sides by pine-covered beaches, steep mountain slopes and cliffs, with Samosir Island sitting right in the middle. Lake Toba has become one of Indonesia’s major travel destination. Besides its beauty, this area is also celebrated for its traditional villages, adat houses, and rich Batak culture.


A busy, congested lakeside resort mostly spoiled by tourism. It has a cool, dry climate, pine-covered beaches, and spectacular views. Prapat is the main town on Lake Toba and the principal embarkation point for ferries to Samosir. Balige is an attractive market town on Toba’s southeast shore, 60 km south of Prapat. Balige is also known for its Batak cloth.

Samosir Island

The original home of the Toba Batak, Samosir Island (630 square-km) offers a cool, sunny climate, superb hiking and swimming, royal tombs, dramatic Batak architecture, stonecarvings, and very reasonable accomodation and food. Samosir is more relaxing and inexpensive place to stay than Parapat – quieter, with cleaner water.

Medan Nature Tour, North Sumatra

Tour Number: MNT-01

Fascinating Lake Toba Tour


Fly to Medan by morning flight then drive to Parapat via Brastagi with a stop at the scenic Sipiso-Piso waterfall. After arrival at Parapat, travel to Samosir Island by ferry. Visit Tomok – the old tomb of the Sidabutar King, Ambarita – ancient stone chairs and table, the execution place of Siagian Kings, and Simanindo to see Toba Batak traditional dance and museum. Afternoon return to Medan for flight to Jakarta.

Tour Duration: 3 days/2 nights

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