Heart of Borneo

The local Dayak in the heart of Borneo is much more traditonal, not touristic, not too crowded, and a lot of original old long huoses, many sub tribes of Dayak with their own daily life and culture. More over, the nature is still untouched, real tropical rainforest.

To reach this site we will need to fly from Jakarta to Pontinanak and then from Pontinak by another flight to Putussibau, the largest city in the heart of Borneo, from where we will start the “expedition”. Before we take the real expedition, we will do river tour on the vicinity of Pontianak visiting the old Pontinak city with is numerous historical sites. Just to mention are the palace of the Pontianak Sultanate and the old buildings from the Dutch era. We will crusie the placid wide river of Kapuas by our motorized boat.

Then in the next day, is the flight by CASA-200 carrier (24 seaters) flying us from Pontianak to Putussibau for about 1hr 30 minutes. Upon arrival at Putissibau, we will direct drive to the river bank of Kapuas Hulu (Hulu means the spring area) from where we will need to cross the 500 m wide by the longboat. here the adventure is began.

We will welcome by the local peoples by performing traditional welcome dance with traditional colorful dress and music. If you would like too, you can join them to dance together. The first Dayak sub-tribe you meet here is the Dayak Tamam with their old long house stretching for about 121 m length and 3 m above the ground. We will explore their villages, easy walk from small village to the other village just along the riverbank area. There are at least 5 huge long houses to discover.

We will also pay a visit to the neighboring Dayak village occupies by Dayak Tamambaloh tribe. The long house here is much older that those we fund at Dayak Tamam, about 100 years old and bulit 5 meter from the ground. Then after the visit here, we will take you deeper in to the heart of Borneo, just on the mountain ridge of Schawanna mountain ridge, in the area of Bentuang Kerihun National Park. Bentuang Karihun national park is among the most important national park in Borneo.

Here you will find the Iban Dayak, the most famous Dayak group among the Dayak tribes. They have the most colorful traditional dress and taditional dance costume with their fierce and dynamic warrior dance.

In regard to the accommodation, we will overnight at good hotel in Pontianak for one night and then the rest of the night, will be at the long house of the Dayak. We will provide them with thin mattrass and simple sarong.

The all activites provided just safe, and comfortable for all adult peoples.

Heart of Borneo Experience 5 days / 4 nights

Grade : Easy – Moderate
Start / finish : Pontianak airport / Pontianak Airport


Upon arrival at Pontiana, pick up by our guide then transfer to hotel in Downtown. Proposed hotel is Mahkota Pontianak. Check in and rest for a while. In the afternoon, walk together with our guide to the harbod on where the house boat is stand by for us to take us to explore the old city of Pontianak. You will explore the city of Pontianak along the river of Kapuas which is stretching for nearly 1 km form one side to the other side. Here the old buildings from the Dutch era still avaiable. Among the most imprtant is the palace of the Pontianak Sultanate.The bnoat will approched both the right and the left side of the river to enable you to learn more about nboth new and old city of Pontianak. Return to hotel in the afternoon. Dinner. (D)


Drive to the airport and then fly to Putussibau for about 1hr 30 minutes. Upon arrival at Putussibau, pick up by local caoch and drive us for about one hour drive to reach the river bank to cross us to the Betang Melawi village. The river is the Kapuas river, which stretch for about 200 meter from one side to the other side. There will me motorized long boat. From here the adventure is began. Upon arrival at the other river side, walk to the long house of Betang Melawi I.
Welcome ceremony by the local peopels, colorful dance that you can join in. Lunch at the local house. In the aftenroon, after the lunch time, proceed by walking to the neighboring area to observe the daily life of the local peoples. Overnight at the long house. (B,L,D)


Ride our coach for about one hour to reach the Dayak sub-clan, Dayak Tamambaloh. Here you will notice an old long house which is about 100 years old and about 250 meter long and 5 meter height. This long hosue here is considered among the oldest long house of west Kalimantan. Then proceed another three hours drive from Tamambaloh village to Sadap village on the ridge of the Schawanna mountain, just on the edge of Bentuang Kerihun national park. Another wlcome ceremony by the Dayak Iban peoples. (B,L,D)


Today we will lead you to do treeking through the virgin tropical rain forest in the heart of Borneo. Very easy to mederate trekking with our local Dayak guide team. Here you can enjoy not only the fresh, coll air and nice surrounding of the foot hill, but also the daily life of the local peoples. You can see them at work in their field, making trap for faunas, blowing poisonus pipe and many more. This is the real traditionmal way of life. Lunch in the mid of the jungle. In the afternoon, back to our long house at Sadap. Overnight. In the night after the dinner time, will be theimne of our farewell ceremony held by the Dayak Iban. Colorfull dressed dancers accompanied by tarditional musis wil enetertain all of you.


After breakfast, drive back for about 3 hours drive to reach Putissibau and then fly back to Pontianak. END OF OUR SERVICE.

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