Flores Culture and Kelimutu Lake, Flores

Flores is a long and mountainous island, with astonishing landscapes, rainforests, dramatic volcanoes, deep ravines and picturesque villages. Ancestral belief are still widespread in remote villages.Flores has great collection in megaliths and cult houses.

When you are in Flores do not miss the volcanic crater lake on Kelimutu mountain (1,640 meters) in Kelimutu National Park. This park comprises an area of 5,000 ha, and consist of three crater lakes each with a different color : blue, turqoise and dark burgundy. These colors are constantly changing and until now, there’s no exact answer why the lake has different colors

This name is related to the three craters of Mount Kelimutu. Each crater has water of different colors, and the water color can change at anytime. Local people called them the red, blue and white lakes.

It is not unusual to see all these three colors as they are, but during the month the color combination might change to become red, blue or greenish. And the green color might change again into greenish-black. This is not the work of magic, but it is real.This is the miracle of the Kelimutu Lake.

Ende, 45 minutes by air from Kupang, is the main gate to Kelimutu. You can observe the change in color in the lake step by step in accordance with the rising of the sun in the East. It takes at least one hour for the mist floating above the crater to clear.

By the time the mist clears, you will be able to see that under the crater lies the red lake, known by local people as Tiwu Ata Polo. If it is the first time you see this reddened water, perhaps you will rub your eyes a few time. This lake is the only Red Sea that exist in the world that created by the God Al-Mighty. All the water surface, as wide as 600 x 400 meters and 64 meters deep, looks red and smooth, without any water ripples. The sight is amazing magic.

On the left of the red lake, is a lake with blue water. Its width is the same as that of the red lake, but its depth is 127 meters deep. On the other side is the white lake, in 1996 its water changed to greenish black color. It is 850 x 700 meters wide and 67 meters deep.

Maumere Nature Tour, Flores

Highlights of Kelimutu Lake – Tour Number: MFNT-01


Arrival from Jakarta in Maumere on the island of Flores. Drive to the Moni Village at the foot of Mt Kelimutu. Continue the next day to Mount Kelimutu to experience the spectacular scenic three-colored lakes. Drive to Jopu Village, Paga Beach and visit Bikon Blewut Museum before return to Maumere.

Tour Duration 3 Days/2 Nights

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